my new drying set up! slowly harvesting the herb garden

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the school year’s starting soooooo I’m not going to be on tumblr for at least 3 and a half months but it is also possible I’ll be gone indefinitely cause like, this site has some pretty cool interesting funny things, but I’ve been finding I like what I have at my disposal IRL a bit more lately ahahah.

I’ve finally reached the point, like so many of my friends, where I’ve realized tumblr isn’t exactly my thing anymore and I don’t gain much from trying to express myself through it. And, most of the ppl on here who I have the capacity to reach are either total strangers, some of who are down to get mad at you about bees, or they’re my friends who I can reach through a different means anyway. So like, I don’t feel like there’s much point to me having a blog anymore.

I won’t delete it cause I’m an inherently nostalgic person who’s fascinated w/ my past self for some reason but I think I’m gonna password-protect it so that more random strangers don’t just sort through all my shit. idk. I honestly don’t feel comfortable making personal posts lately because that’s the thing: they’re personal and I don’t want people reading them. AHAHHAH. I don’t know why I didn’t have a problem with this sooner but I guess it’s cause fewer people followed me before so it didn’t feel like an intrusion before. Also, people don’t really look at my art on here and feeling sad about that is annoying because really I could be posting it in a place where my friends actually appreciate it LMAO.

I think that’s the thing. being on tumblr feels like shouting at a void that doesn’t give all that much back to you and I guess I used to find that soothing back when i was lonelier but now I just find it boring or kind of bothersome. It honestly just gets in the way of a million awesome things I could be doing with my life. for example yesterday i impulsively signed up for kung fu lessons lmao. There are some cool people on here but, again, it doesn’t really feel worth it.

So uh, farewell! ~*

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And so to the biggest celebrity story of the week — the internet publication of naked photographs and intimate videos of 102 female celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst and Ariana Grande.

At some point in the past month, the womens’ iCloud accounts were hacked into and the images posted on the website 4Chan, from where they spread across the internet with such ferocity, the only apt simile being “as rapidly as a whole bunch of pictures of hot celebrity women, naked”.

As productivity across the world slowed markedly — due to half of every workplace gathering in the corner farthest away from their line manager and googling “naked A-list ladies hurry hurry” — an interesting phenomenon was observable: a widespread belief that it was … all OK. That nothing bad had happened. There had simply been a visit from a jovial Porn Santa, who had given the world the gift it so richly deserved — Jennifer Lawrence’s tits — and now all that was left was to give thanks before googling “naked A-list ladies any new ones hacked?” and continuing with the day.

CW finds this whole thing fascinating — this continuing belief that things somehow “don’t count” if they’re on the internet. Threatening to rape and kill women on Twitter isn’t real harassment; stealing pictures of women and posting them on the internet isn’t a real criminal sexual offence.

If there’s one thing that would do this species a heap of good it would be getting out of the house and getting some fresh air in its lungs. And if there are two things that would aid our species, it would be finally getting its head around “the internet”. The internet is something invented by humans, for humans, where humans communicate with each other. It’s exactly the same as “the meat world”.

If, in the “real world”, someone broke into Jennifer Lawrence’s garden and watched her undressing they would, rightly, be branded a pervert, arrested for trespass, treated as a bit revolting and sentenced to a spell in jail and possibly a stiff course of Just Stop Being A Freaky Mad Pervert therapy.

It’s no different to criminally trespassing into her iCloud and looking at her tits, simply because it’s “on the internet”. It’s “the internet” — not “Imaginary Norulestopia where you can do what you like”. When you treat the greatest communication tool the world has ever known like that, you basically turn it into Donkey Island in Pinocchio.

CW finds it slightly dolorous, living in an era where there is a constant, global game in play to see the naked body of every famous woman. The attitude reminds it exactly of being in the school playground, where a certain gang of boys would try, every playtime, to reveal the knickers of the girls, even though the girls were crying and traumatised and eventually grew up to be angry goths.

It’s going to leave the last words on this subject to the mighty Anne Hathaway, speaking about up-skirt shots of her that were sold to tabloids in 2012: “I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants.”

Right on, Hathaway. Because there’s a word for people who sexually commodify an unwilling participant.

Caitlin Moran absolutely fucking nails the celebrity nudes hacking disgrace in Celebrity Watch in today’s Times (via theinternethassexwithitself)

I don’t always agree with Caitlin Moran, but she does have a point.

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shut down

this hurt my brain to read but the end was so worth it

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listen i’m not sure what the producers of madden were hoping would come from this little viral marketing initiative but i’m sure it wasn’t gifs of peyton manning and johnny manziel decrying capitalism and calling for the abolition of gender

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to all the carnists who say going vegan is “too expensive:” i just got back from scavenging the dumpsters behind whole foods and found

  • one ripped dishwashing glove (repaired with duct tape)
  • two used duracell batteries
  • the key to a volvo
  • a losing lottery ticket from last night’s mega millions drawing
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if the creator has to say “yeah this one vague line was refering to this character being gay” it doesnt count as representation. if it’s a punchline at the end of the movie, it doesn’t count as representation. if the writer announces it outside the work but never in the work it doesnt fucking count as representation

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fuck you want

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this wasn’t as horrifying as it could have been but 

it’s extremely ominous 

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why aren’t gynecologists called private investigators

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Turkish baklava

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like I don’t mean any shade and I hate to break it down like this but y’all are so incredibly wrong about this site! I know you get to hear and talk about shit that you don’t get to elsewhere, but this site is not the fucking “safe space” and/or comfortable social setting y’all like to think it is. y’all log on and fight about shit all day long just to look like the smartest motherfucker. it’s almost all academic grandstanding disguised as social activism at this point. you’re all torturing yourselves and it’s just so damn futile. everyone take a deep breath and think about what atmosphere you want to contribute to! make the points you have to but can we please just drop the petty bickering??!!? and that includes vagueblogging or talking to a hypothetical third party! quit giving people who are so wrong the time of day. you think you’re setting them straight but you’re just giving them power because what they take from you…your sanity, your calm, your peace, is so fucking valuable and you deserve to keep that shit close. GET A GRIP!

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the past week has been spiritually uplifting as hell! fuck this stupid website’s bullshit! go outside and move your body and be with people and mostly GET A FUCKING GRIP!

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